Brewing 101: Pour Over

The pour over technique is one of the best ways to accentuate the intricate characteristics in your coffee compared with other brewing methods. It allows the aroma and flavors to shine, making it a popular choice for brewing single-origin coffee.

In this introductory guide, we will walk through the basics of the pour over brewing technique, which you can use as a starting point of reference and get more out of our freshly roasted, seasonal, delicious specialty coffee.

What you will need:

  • Fresh coffee
  • Grinder
  • Kettle
  • Thermometer
  • Coffee brewer - V60 style
  • Paper coffee filters - V60 style
  • Scale
  • Timer

Brew time: 2.5 to 3 minutes.

Brew ratio:

The recommended brew ratio (coffee to extraction) is usually 1:10 to 1:16. depending on your personal preference. If you prefer a more powerful, concentrated drink, then lean towards the 1:10 side of the ratio, however if you prefer a lighter, cleaner drink then lean towards the 1:16 side of the spectrum.

In this tutorial we will use 15 grams of coffee with a 1:14 brew ratio, achieving an extraction of 210 grams.


  1. Grind 15 grams of coffee to the size of a coarse sea salt, just before you start brewing. 
  2. Bring at least 400ml of fresh water to boil.
  3. Place the dry paper filter in the coffee brewer, and place the brewer on top of your cup or server.
  4. Rinse the paper filter with the hot water, this will remove some of the paper notes and also warm the brewer and cup or server.
  5. Discard the water.

Bloom and extraction:

  1. Pour coffee into the pre-wet paper filter.
  2. Place the brewer and cup or server on a scale and zero the weight so we can measure the amount of water poured.
  3. Start the timer, and begin the blooming process (which is a chemical reaction where gasses are purged from the ground coffee).
  4. Slowly pour water onto the coffee grounds, use about twice as much water as the coffee (in this case 30ml) and pour in circular motion to wet the coffee. When you add hot water, the grounds will start to release the trapped carbon dioxide and the bed of coffee will swell.
  5. Wait for 40 seconds for the bloom to complete.
  6. Slowly pour the remainder of the water onto the coffee. Try to pour directly on the coffee and not the walls of the brewer, as water may pass through the filter without really extracting the coffee.
  7. Once the coffee ground starts to look dry, remove the brewer, give your cup or server a swirl to incorporate all the layers of flavour in your freshly brewed coffee and enjoy.

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