Brewing 101: Drip bag

Drip bag is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to brew a good cup of coffee on the go, and had gained popularity in recent years with many choices becoming available in the market.

Unfortunately the increase in competition does not usually translate into increase of quality. While most drip bags in the market states a best before date of 6 months after roasting, in reality once the coffee is ground it can only stay fresh for 1 week maximum if not properly packaged, meaning the market is flooded with products offering stale pre-ground coffee.

The solution to this is nitrogen packaging. By flushing the drip bag with nitrogen and forcing oxygen out of the bag, ground coffee can be kept fresh for up to 6 months. While this is a rare practice in the market due to cost reasons, it is one that h.u.e. coffee adopts to ensure your drip bag coffee stays fresh till it reaches you.

Each set comes with individual packets containing 12g of single-origin coffee. 

Brewing method:

  1. Remove the drip bag from the packaging, and tear along the dotted line.
  2. Pull the hangers on the sides of the drip bag apart to spread the bag open, and place the hangers on the edges of your cup.
  3. Pour 30ml of water at 92°C into the drip bag slowly and evenly, and wait for 30 seconds to let the coffee to bloom (release carbon dioxide).
  4. Pour 140ml of water at 92°slowly and evenly into the drip bag, and let it drip.
  5. Remove the drip bag, and swirl the cup to incoporate the coffee.
  6. Enjoy your delicious coffee experience.

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